Innovation Africa 2015, Africa’s leading summit for education and innovation returns for its fifth year in 2015 and will take place in Kampala, under the patronage of the Government of Uganda, hosted by Hon Jessica Alupo, Minister of Education & Sports.

Innovation Africa is recognised as the leading high-level forum for education, ICT and skills development in Africa. For ministers, deputies and senior officials, it is their preferred annual event for engaging with industry partners in our unique meetings-based format. Now in its 5th year, Innovation Africa, has gained the support and endorsement of officials from over 35 African countries and in 2015 will see record numbers of officials attending with the key purpose to engage with private sector partners.

This year there will be over 40 hosted roundtables, each represented by an African government ministry or leading educational institutions.

This year’s theme for Innovation Africa is “Developing African Skills for the 21st Century”. Panel discussions will
cover the following topics:

  • Technical & Vocational Education & Training
  • Developing Skills in Universities & Higher Education
  • Curriculum Innovations for Promoting Creativity & Critical Thinking
  • New Technologies for Innovation in Education
  • Future Skills from Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology (STEM)
  • Investing in ICT Infrastructures: Better Broadband for Better Skills
  • Developing Entrepreneurs & Industry Prepared Students
  • Innovative Teaching Models & Skills Training for Educators