Innovation Village is all about promoting the new technologies, businesses, products, services, startups in Africa.

It all started with me, Francis Ebuehi, trying to get up-to-date information about the new products, services in Africa. I wanted this information to help me in my regular day to day job. Interestingly, over time, it metamorphosed into something I couldn’t handle myself. So I got some very bright guys to help manage the constant flow of information about innovation and business in Africa.

I also got some of my friends in the various industry to share tit-bits about innovations too.

I will say Innovation Village is a News blog. Sometimes you might find short articles about interesting concepts or in-depth interviews with leading innovators or  even short quips about our interesting world.

I hope you find the newsblog interesting too.

However if you want to reach the team, please send an email to I should get in touch with you within 48 hours.