For children born in the nineties Gameboy was a thrill and if you didn’t have one back then then you weren’t a cool kid. For those who were not born during that time Nintendo is giving another opportunity to experience and feel the aura of that gaming era.

28 years after after it was released the original 8-bit handheld game console is making a comeback thanks to a stylish remake of the handheld console. The aluminium gadget will cost  £75 ($100) and  is set for release later this year. Also this remake works  with old Game Boy cartridges.

The original Game Boy is the third best-selling games console of all time having sold 119 million units before it was discontinued in 2003.

Computing firm Hyperkin showcased its upgraded version of the retro gadget this week at CES in Las Vegas.

The game console which is currently under development called temporarily the ‘Ultra Game Boy’, makes a number of improvements on Nintendo’s original console.

It charges via USB, with a battery that lasts six hours, and is housed in an aluminium casing – a significant upgrade on the original Game Boy’s plastic shell.

The console also features a back-lit LCD display, meaning users can play in the dark without needing to fit a classic Game Boy ‘snake-light’.

While Nintendo itself is not behind the Game Boy remake, the Japanese firm has recently released miniature versions of its classic Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Super NES (SNES) consoles.

It is also worth knowing that the game which will be launched in late summer 2018 won’t come with games pre-installed, rather users will either have to use their old cartridges or buy second-hand games on eBay to play with.