The Windows 10 Creators Update has officially started rolling out to PC users.  The free update will be provided gradually over the built-in Windows 10 update function. Technical users can use the Media Creation Tool use to generate an image file from  Microsoft.


The Creators update is the third major update for Windows 10 and is through the system security advanced options increase when configuring privacy settings. For this purpose, the new Defender Security Center as a central location for managing the integrated security features. Other new features improve the update process, the web browser Edge, the integrated 3D and mixed reality settings such as online gaming by the integrated streaming platform Beam .

“Especially on user request” Microsoft added a number of smaller improvements, including Mac and iOS-known features such as automatic reduction in the screen brightness or always kept in the foreground small video window:

In addition to larger innovations, the Creators update also includes many smaller, helpful features that have been integrated to the desire of users. Thus, the night light function provides a better sleep over a reduzierteres screen light. About the mini-view feature, users get a separate small window for parallel activities, which always stays on – to run or continue a Skype call while you are doing something else at the same time, for example, TV shows. About Remote Lock is Windows Hello leaves on a Windows 10 PC with your own mobile phone to connect and automatically activates the lock screen when the user is away from the computer.

Don’t be surprised if your computer doesn’t automatically prompt you to download the update on day one. Although Microsoft has officially released the new software, the rollout is being staggered, in order to avoid overwhelming the company’s servers.