It is always puzzling when giant tech companies are on a rat race to develop the next big thing in technology. They pump billions of dollars to develop these technologies-electric cars and now Virtual Reality.


Virtual reality is an artificial environment that is created with software and presented to the user in such a way that the user suspends belief and accepts it as a real environment according to whatis.techtarget. Quite incredible isn’t? This Virtual Reality (VR) is no doubt the next big thing as it will impact the future at many levels and change the way we do things in several ways. Presently, quite a handful of VR have been rolled out but it is still being developed for different activities. Innovation village looks at why virtual reality is the next big thing and how it will change our lives. Enjoy!

A difference in video game experience

If you doze off a second, the latest technology may just whizz past you without your knowledge. Virtual reality will revolutionize the way you play video games. Tech companies are evolving VR only gaming. In this games, you will wear a headset and use a connected joystick to navigate a parallel world. According to projections by SuperData, the world’s leading provider of data on global games market, the VR gaming industry will be worth 5.1 billion dollars by the end of 2016.


News world 

Another thrilling change that VR will create is the way you read news. You do not need a newspaper or visit any website to read the news. You simply download the VR app of the news website, upload on your VR device, select the news item you are interested and you will be astonished at what come next. The writer of the story will take you through the story. New york times is already doing this.


This is impossible! VR can also impact defence? Yes! Technology is breaking boundaries and venturing into uncharted territories. VR can be used for training and recruitment. For example, rather than sitting down and being tutored on how to detect explosive devices in a class, a VR software can be developed for these lessons which can make the training more interesting and exciting. It can also be used for virtual operations HQ.



Many that have fought in raging wars never return the same. These encounters changed their lives forever that they suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). They keep having flashes of what happened at the battle ground. However, VR can help decline the depressing effect of the trauma, by creating an almost similar virtual world. The added advantage of VR is that you can control the time of day, type of explosion and much more. In other words, you offer them a different reality than the war front thus tackling PTSD.


Making a purchasing decision will be less difficult because of VR. You can now see the production process of a range of products which you are interested in. You will genuinely appreciate the product because of the exciting things you will see when using the VR. If you like what you see in the Virtual Reality, the more likely you will buy the product.