Uber announced it will soon unveil a feature which will allow riders to rate drivers in during a trip. The ride-hailing company said it is introducing the ability for riders to rate, compliment, tip, and share feedback during their trip. Previously, riders could only rate their driver after their trip.

This could result in users forgetting to rate their driver and having the rate request for their trip appear the next time they order an Uber.

“Your positive feedback will be used to recognize top-quality drivers and encourage continued outstanding service through a new programme launching in June,” said Uber.

Driver ratings are calculated based on the average rating of their last 500 rides (or total rides if they’re at less than 500). Consistent low ratings are flagged at Uber HQ and drivers whose rating fall below 4.6 risk deactivation. To get reactivated, Uber encourage drivers to take costly improvement courses.

Although Uber is yet to announce the date the feature will be available, this will be a welcome development for many riders who complain that Uber and other ride-hailing services are not doing enough to protect them from rude and disrespectful drivers.

We anticipate that riders will use rate drivers more often since rating during a trip will soon be available.