Google recently announced that it will end support for its short link on March 30, 2019. Since there has been a rat race on who is going to plug the loophole being left by Google. Well, a Nigerian tech startup, Digital Nation has taken the initiative to set up a new URL shortening service called Varsus.

The chief operating officer of Digital Nation, Paul Abioro said in a statement that the company’s short link platform offers similar services as Google’s but with more enhanced features not seen on Google.

Abioro said: “Varsus is a URL shortener service packed with many unique features. It has been built with performance in mind. Some of the features include Direct, Frame, Splash, Overlay shortening with powerful dashboard and a detailed analytics for each link.

“Moreover, with our overlay, you can add advertisements to all short links using a feature from your dashboard.”

Abioro noted that the service will be updated periodically in order to meet the demands of users.