News aggregation app Headlines Africa launched in Nigeria

Headlines Africa which is a news aggregation app has been launched in Nigeria. Founded by Nigerians, the developers said the app which is currently available for iOS and Android devices allow users to receive tailored news that have been gathered and organised from major media outlets across Africa.

“Today there are several dedicated news apps and websites on the market, but none of them really cater to the African news consumer,” Headlines Africa said.“They mostly cover a few breaking news stories in a sparse “Africa” section of their news sites, but the average African consumer wants to know other things like when Uber becomes available in their city, or if that new sushi joint lives up to the hype. The average African consumer has to work harder to get their daily news, and Headlines Africa makes this process easy for them.”

Disrupt Africa reported that the founders also hope to drive awareness and encourage action on social causes, such as freedom of the local press and #BringBackOurGirls. These social causes will have a news platform that supports their campaigns and drives change.

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