Kwesé TV recently started offering a package that is specifically tailored for civil servants. The new deal is a 2-year contract offering and over the next 24 months, civil servants will pay a monthly fee of $20.30. This $20 will get you:

  • Free Decoder
  • Free Standard installation
  • Kwese full bouquet of 77 channels for the first 12 months and then reduction of channels over the last 12 months

For civil servants interested in applying you just need to go with your national ID, your current payslip and proof of residence to any Econet Shop.

Is this similar to what GTel does?

Yes. Gtel and Creative Computers also have contract offerings that are specific to civil servants.

For Kwesé TV this will increase subscriber retention on their platform. The contract model will avoid the situation where a subscriber would pay only the first month’s fee and then stop using the service. Once a civil servant has signed up for the contract it will be very difficult for them to opt out during these 24 months since Kwesé TV gets their $20.30 from the SSB(Salary Service Bureau) and not from the civil servant directly.

Cash flow…

In the event that a sizeable amount of civil servants sign up for this Kwesé TV will also now have a steady revenue as they will be guaranteed to get this money over the next two years. This also gives Kwesé a better chance of retaining their customers as they could improve the content on their platform over the duration of the two years.

This seems like a positive move that will make Kwesé TV more available to the masses. It will be interesting to see how this one unfolds…