Seed fund and incubator, MEST has named four Startups as the regional winners of the MEST Africa Challenge which gives applicants the opportunity to contest for a trip to Cape Town to pitch at the finals during the MEST Africa Summit and a chance at up to $50k in equity investment.

The challenge kicked off in April after receiving over 800 applications from tech startups, the top 32 finalists — 8 from each of the following regions: South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana — were selected to face off in regional competitions.

These finalists pitched in front of a board of experienced judges to prove they’ve found a product-market fit and are well positioned to scale into new African markets.

The Summit-which will be held on June 30th, in partnership with Facebook, MTN, Merck and GHL Bank, is in its third year and will bring together leading global investors, entrepreneurs and executives in African tech to discuss trends impacting the continent.

The MEST Africa Challenge Finalists


Founded in 2016, Cowtribe is a subscription service based in Ghana which allows farmers to schedule and receive veterinary treatment for livestock. Their system tracks the health statistics of each animal, reminds the farmer when it is time for the animals to receive vaccines and then facilitates the logistics and supply processes to reliably deliver these vaccines.

Data Integrated Ltd

Representing Kenya is fintech company Data Integrated Limited. Specialized in developing end-to-end, customized, enterprise payment solutions for African SMEs. With the mission of automating payment services through an integrated, reliable, secure and easy to use platform, Data Integrated Limited is connecting “the street” with “high finance” and solving the first mile of financial inclusion.


From South Africa comes agriculture platform swiftVEE, an app available for Android and IOS, that puts easy livestock and agricultural trading at the fingertips of its users. Their goal is to bring the agri-sector into industry 4.0 by offering substantial profit margins that facilitate sustainability and social impact and to address water scarcity, food security, and trade vulnerability in the livestock sector by providing the technology to enhance market efficiency and meet these challenges.


Accounteer from Nigeria is a smart cloud accounting site that allows businesses to professionalize and automate the financial administration of their organization. On this platform, users can create invoices, track expenses and follow up on their finances with ease while the integration of external services like banks, e-invoicing platforms and e-commerce means that all financial needs of a business can be solved in one place.