Electronics Arts Inc.(EA) , a popular American developer and distributor of videos games plans give winners of its latest “Madden NFL” title an award of $1million over the next year. Electronic Arts on Sunday announced plans to substantially expand competitions for its own titles, starting with Madden. That includes four “majors” – EA-owned and operated tournaments, complete with corporate sponsors, broadcast partners and $1 million in prizes over the course of the series. This is the first move by the game maker to go into e-sports. A three year plan has been set up to build up amateur, mid-level and professional tournaments. Part of the game makers plan is to provide resources such as scheduling software to college students and other gaming enthusiasts that would make it easier for them to organize tournaments. Electronics Arts mentioned that it will collaborate with events promoters like ESL and Gfinity  to run premiere tournaments. 

"Madden" challenge

“Whether you’re an elite player competing for cash and prizes in global e-sports events, or you’re taking your first steps to play online, we want everyone to feel the thrill of competition,” EA’s Chief Competition Officer Peter Moore said. Existing relationships with the NFL sponsors such as PepsiCo Inc. and Visa Inc could lead to support for their e-sports events.

Offerings like camera angles, the ability to stream games online for others to watch and dueling are some of the features to be incorporated. Madden has sold over 100 million copies since it was first introduced in 1988. Madden 17, which will be played at the next four majors, will be released in August.

Credit – Los Angeles Times