Artificial Intelligence (AI) to monitor distracted students

From robot policing to now a robot class monitor, surely, artificial intelligence (AI) is the future, hence, we see big companies like Google investing heavily on it. What next? students being taught with AI? Well, going back to our robot class monitor issue at hand,  I very much doubt will be some exciting news for those of us who zone out during university/college lectures, the temptation multiplies when you taking classes from home. Before end of year, a business school in France will try to stop online students from getting distracted with an AI app called Nestor. To judge your level of attention, it can track your face and eyes and even detect when you pull out a phone. If you start to slack off, it can warn you via pop-up messages or emails, and tell you roughly when you may drift away again. The bot tracks your face, eyes and phone to see if you’re drifting off.

The bot will be used for two classes at the ESG Business school, including a 30 hour “street marketing” course, as part of a distance learning program. Eventually, it’ll be offered as part of live lectures and used in conjunction with a camera that can analyze students live to see if they’re engaged or bored. It can then, believe it or not, send a text or notification as a virtual kick in the rear.

The data from the program will also be useful to teachers, letting them know which parts of their lectures are grabbing students and which parts aren’t. The developers say it could also help students in different ways — if you let it track your online activities, it could proposed a personalized course schedule based on times when you’re watching YouTube, for instance.

Marcel Saucet, head of the company that created the bot, said that Nestor won’t store video footage nor sell it to advertisers, a promise suspicious students might take with a grain of salt. The data will also be encrypted and anonymous, the company promised. ESG is not the first school using AI that way, as the IE Business School in Madrid uses an “emotion recognition system” to spot inattentive students.

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  1. Araoye Gbadebo
    May 29, 2017 at 4:53 pm — Reply

    This is nice, technology just keep growing day by day. I must say this development is good as long as what it’s bring people is positive. Very soon artificial intelligence will be known world wide

    • Tapiwa Matthew Mutisi
      May 30, 2017 at 10:14 am — Reply

      Setting up AI as the next big tech battleground…Artificial intelligence is not a gimmick, it is the future, hence we are witnessing big tech companies like Google swiftly moving towards AI

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