Whatsapp is currently testing a digital payment option. The latest beta version of the messaging app has in display an  in-chat UPI (Unified Payments Interface) payment option.

According to media reports, the feature is only available to beta users for now.

However, the Facebook-owned chat app is currently giving a limited number of users in India the chance to give its built-in payments feature a spin.

It was reported in Indian by the local media last year that WhatsApp’s payments feature will debut in the country, and it wasn’t hard to believe even without a confirmation from Facebook.

It is worth knowing that India has the largest number of WhatsApp users, with around 200 million people using it daily, according to TechCrunch. Facebook and WhatsApp will definitely announce the feature when it goes live for everyone.

For users who want to try out the feature, firstly, the attachment option has to be opened where a payment option appears alongside other options like Documents, Gallery, Audio, Location and Contact.

Apart from this, it is also showing up on the settings page for some beta testers.

After selecting the option, users are asked if they want to receive or pay using UPI. It is very important that a user has a UPI account as well.

Secondly, this option is also showing a host of bank options for the user for linking to their UPI accounts.

According to the report, no payment option is operational since it is at the beta stage right now.