As remote work gets popular in Nigeria, co-working spaces are springing up, offering entrepreneurs not just work spaces, but also necessary office facilities.

With these co-working spaces, a monthly or yearly subscription provides remote workers with a single workspace, but UrbanHub has brought a twist to this, making it possible for entrepreneurs and freelancers to access multiple workspaces at different locations.

Launched on June 1, 2017 by Durojaiye Philips, UrbanHub provides entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote staff with access to exotic, secure and comfortable restaurants, hotels, lounges and other relaxation spots as workspaces alongside full-fledged hubs.

According to the team, “with a single subscription, you can literally work from anywhere. For example, you could work from a location in Ikeja today, meet a client at another UrbanHub location in Surulere tomorrow, and for a change of scenery work from a location in Lekki or Victoria Island the next day. One subscription, Multiple Access.”

For remote workers looking for workspaces, they sign up on the platform, pay a monthly subscription fee of N15,000 and search for workspaces of interest. With the monthly subscription, they get access to any of UrbanHub’s partnered workspaces in their desired location, as well as amenities needed to work — electricity and unlimited Internet.

The UrbanHub team recognise the growing number of co-working spaces as competitors, and place their edge on its unique offering of multiple locations per subscription. In the words of the founder, “our competitors are single entity co-working spaces such as Wennovation Hub, Rhedahlia, Capital Square, LeadSpace, and online aggregators like which only gives access to single locations per subscription.  Our competitive advantage is that with a single subscription, you can work from anywhere as opposed to single location access of our competitors.”