A group of Scientists in a Belgian University have created a machine that can convert urine into drinkable water and fertilizer. This could be a good one for rural and developing areas of the world and could also be installed in public places like airports, shopping malls and stadiums. Interestingly, It could also be used to make beer. Solar Energy was a very important factor in this process. The machine uses Solar Energy to heat up the urine which has already been collected in a solar powered boiler. The urine is then passed through a membrane that separates the water from nutrients like potassium, phosphorous and nitrogen. Those nutrients can then be used to enrich fertilizers for plants.The water is then diverted to a separate tank. Earlier this month, the machine was brought to a music festival in Ghent, Belgium and was able to collect 1,000 liters of water from the attendees of the festival. Turning water in to beer has been tried by some geniuses in the 2015 music festival in Denmark. A brewery in California also turned to wastewater from NASA as a source of water during the California drought earlier this year to make beer, Bloomberg noted. 

A water treatment company in the US had also attempted to make beer from treated sewage. The company had used a process involving ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis and enhanced oxidation to filter the water, remove the chemicals contained within it and break down contaminants. Having transformed the waste into drinkable water, it wanted to donate the recycled water to a home brewing club, but first needed to obtain state permission.

How would you feel if they told you that the beer you were drinking at that moment was from urine? Yaiks!!!