If you’re a Nigerian, and active on social media, then you should be having the time of your life. With the increasing number of internet users, social media in Nigeria has grown beyond what obtained a few years ago. More and more people have become active, timelines have become busier than ever, there are more conversations going on and it’s even become a hub for business.

A lot of people are jumping on the buzz it’s creating, and if you’re yet to get in, you should have a change of mind.

With retweets, likes, comments and replies flying across the social media space, let’s take a look at what Nigerians really talk about and the kind of content they pay attention to.

Here are 5 topics that Nigerians love, that have grown to be popular on social media:


When I say comedy, I mean Nigerians love everything funny. From rib cracking skits to very witty tweets. What if I’m not a comedian? You don’t have to be a comedian to get those retweets and comments, just be as witty as possible in your posts. Even for issues that are considered serious, Nigerians find ways to bring fun into it. This love for comedy is why organisations have gone from serious to witty, like what FShaw did with the EFCC handle.

See below:

Even if you’re trying to preach the gospel, and your post has a bit of humour, they’d love it, I promise.

See how Sola Adio does it while preaching against sex before marriage:

Young Nigerians are taking advantage of the love for comedy, and we keep seeing an increase in the number of Instagram comedians, from the likes of Lassiselenu, to Maraji, Twyse and many others. They are not only driving comedy on social media, but also gradually phasing out the regular stand-up comedy we used to know.

Mark Angel Comedy becoming the first ever Nigerian-owned YouTube channel to hit a million subscribers is further proof that Nigerians have too many issues to deal with, that they would rather relax and laugh out loud.


I’m wondering when Nigerians got so religious. Or maybe I never knew we were actually very religious. This is probably what Nathaniel Bassey noticed that led him to begin the #HallelujahChallenge.

I call it “the Amen Syndrome”. Post a prayer declaring into people’s lives, and as soon as the post drops, you’d have tons of Amens on it already. In fact, just post anything random, and end with ‘in Jesus’ name’, you’re good to go. That’s how serious it is!

This brand wasn’t even prophesying, they simply said, “something new is coming” to introduce a new bottle for their product, but trust Nigerians. 😀

A peep into Nathaniel Bassey’s Instagram page would reveal that posts with more engagements are those where he prays, proving that what Nigerians simply want is to solve their many problems. There was once a Facebook prayer group for women that had a million members in just 7months of opening before it was recently shut down for unconfirmed reasons yet. So, yes! religion is quite popular on Nigerian social media.


If you’re thinking, ‘I don’t like politics’, I assure you that you would most probably change your mind when you see some posts on social media. Politics doesn’t look like a very fun topic, but in Nigeria, it’s become more fun than ever.

Conversations about politics and politicians are one of the most popular on Nigerian social media attracting the retweets, replies, likes and comments.

From the drama that goes on in the house of assembly, the president’s prolonged absence at a time, Imo state and its statues, Nigerians don’t miss airing their opinions on issues going on in the political landscape. And like they also do with all other topics, they don’t fail to throw in the memes and create witty posts from a seemingly serious topic.

See screenshots below, and pay attention to how much engagements the tweets have.


We all know that Nigerians are football lovers. So, this is arguably one topic that attracts the most conversations on social media. The same way it plays out with fans at the bars, in buses and street corners arguing about their favourite clubs, so it does on social media.

If you’ve found yourself on Twitter during a peak football season, the Champions League, Premier League or when local matches are being played, then you should know how much attention Nigerians pay to football. Those times when it’s always like football is currently the only thing going on in the world, when the match of the day tops the Twitter trend list and every other trend that makes it to the list seem to just get lucky.

During these periods, even brands jump in on the trend and find ways to tie in the football trend into their conversations just to get in the face of millions of die-hard football fans.

See how Access bank used the recent Morata trend:


Of course, topics about celebrities should naturally create a lot of buzz because famous people are involved. Well, in Nigeria, these celebrities most times drive conversations not because they just won an award or released a new movie/music, but because there’s always one controversy or the other going on in their lives. The exact kind of news Nigerians would always jump on!

This doesn’t mean posts outside of these categories do not attract attention, they surely do. But these ones seem to top all others.

If you want to succeed with posts outside these, then ensure they are well-packaged, give people a reason to pay attention to you and be consistent.