Spinlet announced the launch of a dedicated family friendly music platform to add its existing service – Spinlet Inspire. This service will focus more on uplifting music, inspirational songs,  and gospel tracks, well, songs with non-explicit lyrics.

The company has made it easy to switch to its new service by a push of a button. A special toggle button built into the website and mobile apps will allow users to move between Spinet’s main website and the new service which filters out content they find inappropriate.

“When you think about the music industry today – in Africa and around the world – it has become highly sexualised and many parents are increasingly concerned about the programming being consumed by young, impressionable children,” said Nkiru Balonwu, CEO of Spinlet.

Spinlet is the largest and fastest-growing music service of its kind in Africa, allowing consumers to instantly stream music from a variety of genres and artists and this new service happens to be great idea because there are days we just need to listen to non-explicit songs, most especially with the family.

And according to reports by TechCabal, Spinlet could be working with some African artistes to produce a music album featuring gospel and inspirational songs but as of now, there’s no release date for this.