Can a Blockchain Messenger Disrupt Facebook and WhatsApp? Well, sorry will leave this discussion for another day.

A blockchain messenger is the next major step in securing your data and making sure that no one can block communications with others in your network. Over the years messaging has evolved rapidly and a blockchain-ized messenger is the next step.

While many companies are working on this, Skrumble is taking an early lead with a focus on delivering a secure, unblockable messaging platform where you are in control of all of your data.

This is a mock up of Skrumble Network, a blockchain messaging service.

This is a mock-up of Skrumble Network, a blockchain messaging service.

With more scrutiny over your internet provider slowing or restricting content, and concerns about governments blocking messaging services across the globe this type of messaging platform is poised to take off.

Skrumble is an existing company that is already working in messaging. It is led by David Lifson, who invented the prepaid phone card, and with a team focused on bringing the benefits of using the blockchain to the average user on Skrumble Network.

Skrumble Network is a decentralized communication system where you, the user, controls and owns your data. You can use the Skrumble Network to directly connect with other users and securely talk and share files.

With the Skrumble Network you will be able to chat, share files, audio and video chat, screen share, get screenshot alerts and use secure storage. The Skrumble Network is anonymous, will work globally and cannot be blocked.

Other plans for the network include a freelance marketplace and live streaming similar to Twitch where a user could stream music or even gaming and accept payments in the chat room.