Samsung has officially opened an assembly plant in Zimbabwe through SamZim, a local Zimbabwean partner of Samsung Electronics. The plant offers services including manufacturing, sales and servicing. It also houses an engineering academy at the Zimpost Complex along Airport Road.

The production plant is a strategic tool that will create jobs for the people of Zimbabwe.

The decision to open the plant was reached after Zimbabwe was chosen as a licensed producer to manufacture and distribute Samsung Electronics products.The plant will assembly televisions set ranging from 32 inches to 55 inches and a range of refrigerators.

According to media reports, through this assembly plant, Samsung Electronics will be able to realize real demand for its consumer products and develop more access points and face activities to facilitate education and create demand on consumers.

Milton Macheka one of the Directors of Samzim also indicated that the plant will also see the launch of the Samsung Engineering Academy at the complex. A digital village is also to be established in a rural location and will consist of a solar powered internet school, Telemedicine Centre, solar-powered Generator and a basic home lighting solution to assist children with light to complete homework.

“Semi knock down kits are currently being assembled for televisions. This is just the initial stage of the project and we are looking at using local content in the assembly. The local industries must be able to meet the Samsung standards in order to supply. So far we have identified potential local companies, one that is engaged in an injecting molding and another that does plastic manufacturing,” he explained,this is a bold and empowering move as it shall create employment, and also make original Samsung products affordable,” he said.

“Samsung share the commitment to bringing high quality, highly desired product to the consumer market and together we have succeeded with the opening of the production plant”, said Samsung CEO in Zimbabwe, James You.