A report by PwC projected that Nigeria’s mobile gaming space will hit about $147 million by 2019. This means that quite a substantial number of Nigerians are playing mobile games and are actually paying for it.

However, some of the games are quite expensive to download and of course, after buying, you have to spend another for the in-app purchases.

Discovering how lucrative Nigeria’s mobile gaming is and this loophole, Playzone has come onboard to enable Nigerians to download the world most popular games for almost free.

Playzone was launched on October 1st, 2017, which is Nigeria’s independence day.

Explaining how Playzone works, the promoters said: “Playzone is a mobile gaming subscription app store that allows Nigerians with a monthly subscription of N400 to download premium android games free and also offers free in-app purchases. Your subscription to Playzone also offers uninterrupted gameplay with No Ads.

“Playzone subscribers also enjoy free-in-app coins, armour, swords and power-ups, access to all levels and all add-ons free. This you cannot get on other Google play store. So Nigerians can enjoy unlimited premium game downloads and uninterpreted gameplay.”

A key advantage of using Playzone to download your favourite games is that it saves you a lot of money because “it costs a lot to pay and download them one by one” said the promoters.

Meanwhile, they added that Nigerian game developers have the opportunity to leverage on Playzone to market their games.

Their words: “There are a lot of Nigerian gamers that are looking for platforms to showcase their games and the competition in Google Play store is fierce. As such, all their months of hard coding sometimes leads to discouragement. However today, Nigerian game developers can have their apps distributed on Playzone, not just in Nigeria but also globally. Nigerian game developers are welcome to upload their games on Playzone.”