Nigerian Startup Wigxel Corp has launched, offering training in Software Development and Graphics Design with professionals and experts in the field of Web Software and  Android Development. Innovation Village recently caught up Dokubo Nwenendah, a co-founder of Wigxel Corp who in this interview gave us an indepth analysis on what Wigxel Corp is about, it’s unique offerings and many more.

Can you tell us about Wigxel and what it has to offer?

Our Company Wigxel Corp. was founded on the 18th of August, 2017, bearing the name Wavetech initially. The Company was  founded by Individuals having interest in the advancing technology standards of the world when compared with that of Africa or West Africa to be precise; from Information Communication Technology, I believe that we have much to offer and also much to learn.

We offer training in Software Development and Graphics Design and we have professionals and experts in the field of Web Software, Android Development and Graphics Designing. We offer Web Design as a special part of Web Development as they work side by side. Just as we are strong in Software, we are also making plans of moving into Hardware for IoT (Internet of Things) which is the best bet for problem solving technologies.

What motivated the setting up of Wigxel?

The current state of our Software development and technological methods is definitely below standards in the eyes of the professionals in I.C.T. This is the main motivation, as we awake up every day to see that we are getting better and the society not remaining same and hoping to have the opportunity to make that bold turn in West Africa and Africa in general.

What has the traction been like since its launch?

We have had good experiences from our Business Model as we may have had difficulty putting and resolving issues from our end just to satisfy our clients.

What is unique about the services the platform has to offer?

Our uniqueness is in Design Prototyping as very few I.C.T firms in Nigeria engage in the act of Prototyping before Implementation. The idea behind Prototyping is simply in visualizing the software before it is made. In Prototyping, we offer both Design and Programming Prototyping for every project that we embark on.

Our Designs and Programming is up to standards, and for every implementation of our UI (User Interfaces), we add high interactivity to increase the experience and simplicity that our end-users get from the applications that we develop.

What were the challenges encountered building the platform and those since Wigxel launched?

Testing for error will always be a challenge in every project we develop. For solving the bugs (program errors), we spend too much time in this are of development before moving to the next phase of the development process.

What advice do you have for prospective entrepreneurs out there?

Nobody will do it if you don’t, cause no one sees the vision more vivid”.

– any goal, any dream and any ambition you have, GO for it relentlessly. You don’t lose if you keep trying.

What are your future plans for Wigxel?

Getting to be known as a quality delivery name in Nigeria and setting up a famous training centre for all practice of I.C.T  and in other to become a Tech Giant in West Africa and Africa, we have to inspire our own, and that is where we want to be.