At CES 2017, Nvidia surprised everyone by announcing a gaming streaming service dubbed the GeForce Now. According to Nvidia, there are 1 billion PC users who don’t have access to a computer suitable for gaming. As a result, the company decided to do something about that by introducing this service. So those with underpowered laptops, old obsolete desktops or just about any Mac computer ever made, can play any game they want with no problem.

So this is how the service works… with GeForce Now, you are leasing a virtual GeForce power computer in the cloud and it is opened up to other devices outside the Nvidia Shield environment.

Basically, you provide the games and Nvidia provide the hardware horsepower to run the games on any PC or Mac with a 25mbps or faster internet connection. All you need to do is sign up for the service and get the GeForce Now application and install your games, up to 1 terabytes worth on the virtual gaming PC. It is that simple.So there’s no need to install games on your PC, so what it basically does is install the games on the drive in the cloud.

The game itself can be from any source, it can be from Steam, Origin, uPlay, etc. Once loaded, the games will actually stay installed on your virtual PC in the cloud. So, no need to reinstall every time you want to play. Gamers also don’t need to worry about patching, game configuration and drive updating, as it is handled automatically. Saved games, achievements and settings are also automatically synchronised and available on any PC with the GeForce app and a fast enough connection.

However, perfect solutions aren’t free. Using the GeForce Now service will cost you $25 for 20 hours of gameplay on a GTX 1060 PowerPC or 10 hours on a GTX 1080. Though it might sound too expensive but instantly connecting to a high-performance gaming machine in the cloud? C’mon!

Nvidia will be offering free trails on both the GTX1060 and the GTX 1080 options. You can add yourself to the early access waiting list if you want to give this new service a try when it is released in March by clicking here.