Remember Nokia, that company that used to dominate the mobile phone industry in the late 90’s and early 2000’s? The company that could do no wrong, until it of course did. Well, after a swirl of unconfirmed whispers and rumours, the Finland company is returning in 2017.

The company lost its massive market shares to Android and the iPhone in late 2000 after refusing to get into the smartphone game early. When they finally got into the smartphone game, they took a gamble and decided to use Microsoft’s Operating system instead of Android. This, of course, meant that even though the build quality, camera, and hardware were really good, which they were known for, the main complaints from users was that there were no apps.

This, of course, didn’t go well for Nokia and eventually, Microsoft ended up buying the device and services division of Nokia, which they ran straight into the ground. Part of this contract between both companies was that no Nokia branded phone could be released up to 30 months after the deal. And now, that 30 months period has just passed and the Finish phone maker can now create their own devices again, and wear their brand name proudly.

There are going to be two new models to be released next year, a mid-ranged phone and a flagship handset. The flagship is said to go head to head with Apple’s next iPhones and the Samsung Galaxy S8s.

Nokia Nokia Nokia

For those interested in the technical details, the rumours are saying that the flagship phone is going to have the unreleased Snapdragon 835 CPU with 6gb of ram, but take this with a grain of salt, of course. Although, Nokia itself isn’t going to be making the phone but they kind of are and I’ll explain that.

The company no longer have the manufacturing facilities to make the phones but they will be collaborating with a brand new Finish company called HMD Global, as well as the Taiwanese manufacturer, Foxconn. The reason why I said Nokia will kind of make their phones again is because HMD Global was actually founded by veteran Nokia executives.

These ex-Nokia employees founded the company in May 2016, after purchasing part of Nokia’s mobile division. In a press release, HMD said they were going to develop, market and sell the branded Nokia phones and accessories while Foxconn is dealing with R&D and manufacturing.

Nokia is going out on an all-out marketing blitz, which includes contracting the largest independent advertising firm in the UK, Mother. And I think this is probably a great idea because more often, companies tend to screw up major opportunities like this because they just don’t get the marketing and advertising right. Advertising campaigns must be memorable and resonate with potential customers and have to get that sales leverage point across clearly.

With previous clients like Google, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Calvin Klein, Netflix and so on… the Mother advertising agency seems to be a promising fit for Finish company. So looking from a broader perspective, I think it’s cool that a bunch of ex-Nokia staffs got together to form their own company, HMD Global. With plans on taking Nokia out from the grave and make it rise again. Of course, let’s see what happens and we’re wishing them the best.