Consumers can now connect with professionals with ease has Nigerian startup Requana launches its online service marketplace.

With over 300 types of professionals, Requana which launched in July in Port Harcourt matches consumers with professionals in categories such as home, beauty and wellness, events, transportation and tutoring.

Chief executive officer (CEO) Oladosu stated that the local services space in Nigeria was enormous but highly fragmented, filled with inefficiency and largely offline.

“Our vision is to ensure that people are connected to the best professionals who will offer excellent services, and also to bring more clients to professionals more easily and faster through technology,” he said.

“With background checks and licensing verifications, clients can rest assured that professionals they hire have gone through a screening process to ensure quality and experience.”

The concept has been gaining momentum in Nigeria, with companies like Wesabi and V-Connect currently operating in Lagos and offering a range of services.

“Currently there is no firm operating in the South-South, North and some western parts of the country,” said Emmanuel. “Requana intends to establish a base in commercial cities in these areas and expand rapidly.”

The bootstrapped startup presently has around 1,500 individual professionals registered on the platform, while there are plans underway to commence operations in Lagos and Abuja by January 2018.

Users can make requests via the website, with clients without internet access also able to make requests via a short code service platform. Requana charges professionals a commission of between five and 10 per cent, with Emmanuel saying other business models will be incorporated as the firm expands.