Do you have plans to start trading in products and services online but don’t know how to go about it? Look no further as is supporting users to launch their businesses in return for commission. offers each subscriber a total, bespoke e-commerce platform that comes with stocks they can start selling in no time.

The Nigerian Startup which was fully launched in September last year relieves subscribers the frequent complexities attached to web hosting, logistics and technical details, as well as the need to plan seasonal promotions and process payments.

As part of the package, the platform also provides its subscribers with everything germane to run a successful e-commerce platform, even offering live chat and customer care numbers.

According to Co-founder, Ehis Asibor, “The only thing we expect our subscribers to do is marketing and sales.

“When sales are made, we handle the order processing, liaise with the vendors, and ensure the order is fulfilled. If there are returns, complaints or issues with the order, we handle them. We completely insulate our subscribers from everything that is not marketing or sales.”

Also, in a bid to ensure there are varieties of offerings available on each of its subscribers’ websites, gives them the opportunity to sell more than just regular products or services.

“We are currently working to allow our subscribers to sell hotel reservations and flight bookings directly from their e-commerce website. Currently, they can sell airtime recharge cards, and soon bill payment for things like cable TV and electricity will be available. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The ultimate plan is to allow them to sell almost anything for a commission,” Asibor said.

He said a lot of people wanted to start businesses, but did not have the capital available to take the first steps.

“Often, when they do have the capital, they are faced with the problem of trying to determine what to buy that ensures a profitable return,” Asibor said.

“A number of people have thought about going into e-commerce, but the logistical and operational challenges very quickly kill the business. Other times the resources to operate as an online marketplace are absent or just too expensive.”

This is the gap is trying to bridge.

“We want everyone to be able to start an online business, selling products and services without having to incur massive upfront expenditure,” said Asibor.

In response to the fierce competition the startup is coming up against, Asibor believes his company has a competitive advantage due to the branding opportunities it offers to affiliate marketers, in the form of their own websites and brand names.

“For those involved in drop-shipping, the inventory-less model, plus the managed platform that we offer them, is the value we are proposing to them,” he said.

The Startup is a bootstrap company.

Speaking on funding Asibor said, “Truthfully, we have not actively sought funding. We have just been focused on the business fundamentals in an attempt to find the best product-market fit. We think this is very important, especially given that our approach to e-commerce is completely novel.

“We are quite young and there is still a lot to achieve. However, given the resources we have, then comparing this to the results we have seen, we are confident that we are on the right glide-path to completely disrupt the conventional concept of e-commerce in Africa.”

The platform currently boasts of over 100 websites for subscribers, and gives them the chance to sell almost 4,000 products. Currently, is solely focused on the Nigerian market, but Asibor said that will not remain the case.

“We have received enquiries from people interested in being agents from outside Nigeria. The plan is to expand to other countries at the right time,” he said.

There is an annual subscription fee the platform charges  its vendors, while it also sells add-on products and services to its agents such as custom domain names and branded marketing materials.

“In addition to revenue from subscription, we also earn commissions from every sale made.  Currently, our vendors and service providers list their products for free, but ultimately listing will not be free,” said Asibor.