Finding a property or space for rental in Nigeria can be a strenuous exercise however this about to become a thing of the past as Nigerian startup Alosab has launched an on-demand property rental platform where home-seekers can find and secure rental properties.

Alosab which was launched in September seeks  to address the issues faced by Nigerians when it comes to renting properties. The startup serves its users with a smart and simple platform that makes renting easy. It also ensures renters see the best rental space they want and be able to move-in as quickly as they wish to.

Aside from offering renting services Alosab also assists users by offering moving/ relocation services.

According to Stephen Oloh, founder and chief executive officer (CEO),  “What fuelled my desire to combat this challenge was the personal experience I had with a renowned rental agency in Nigeria..

“After I had navigated through the real estate website, selected my preferred apartment and was about to proceed for viewing and payment, I realised the apartment was no longer available. The experience was not pleasant. It was frustrating. I had to start walking and searching myself.”

Alosab aims to prevent people from going through the same problems. Users place a request on the platform, which then matches them with available properties. Oloh claims users can secure a property within 48 hours at an affordable price.

Currently, Alosab has over 300 monthly users, with Oloh saying the self-funded startup is on the lookout for investors.

“Nigeria is our current market and we are working on fully capturing the market. However, we have plans to expand it to Ghana and to other Sub-Saharan African countries,” he said.