A24Media  today announced a 1 Million Us Dollars Investment Fund for Disruptive & Innovative Media Technology Developers.

The Pan-African media agency made this known through a press release last Thursday.

The fund is aimed at supporting technology developers focused on revenue generating content distribution platforms. A24Media boasts of 15,000 hours of an exclusive content portfolio with the figure poised to rise to at least 16,000 hours by December 2018.

Sequel to this development, A24Media will host a developer contest to find the most creative, powerful and useful ideas on media, advertising and education that integrate content into their business model.Also, A24Media will look to get venture capital investment partners on board, that will co-manage the Investment Fund and provide strategic advice on business models and market strategies.

While commenting on the latest development, the Founder of A24Media , Asif Sheikh said,“we are excited to support the disruptive developers in the media technology industry because we realize that no single company can provide the breadth and scope of innovation that’s required to develop revenue-generating platforms and take this industry to the next level.”

No doubt better times are here for the media technology industry however, it is hoped that this Investment Fund will trigger an explosion of creativity and innovation in the sector.