A new iOS bug has surfaced that will cause any iOS device to freeze after clicking a malicious video link and viewing a certain .mp4 video with the Safari browser. At first, playing the 3-second MP4 video in Safari, your device won’t seem to be affected in any way but the real problem only starts after a few seconds as the iPhone starts slowing down after opening the link before freezing it completely. If you end up opening the video, don’t worry, the only way to fix your iOS device is to hard reset it

Youtuber, EverythingApplePro, explains how it seems to work on devices running the latest iOS versions, which also affects operating systems as old as iOS 5. Even on the latest iOS 10.2 beta 3, the malicious video link works.

The real reason as to why iOS devices become slow isn’t clear as of now but Apple is expected to release an update that will fix the malicious link issue. On the iPhone 6s and older devices, you will have to press the power and Home buttons for a few seconds, while on the iPhone 7, you will have to hold down the power and volume button.