Looks like the Note 7 could be coming back from the dead. A recent report out of South Korea suggests Samsung may soon be launching a refurbished version of the explosive phone.

Samsung was forced to stop production of the Note 7 last year and recall several million units of the flagship phablet, after reports of multiple units exploding. An investigative report later revealed that faulty batteries were to blame in the fiasco.

According to the report, the modified version of the Note 7 will come with a smaller battery of 3200mAh compared to the original 3500mAh, along with a smaller body… which could mean smaller batteries, smaller frames, smaller flame?

Although it may not seem like the best move for the company, but selling refurbished units could actually help cushion the $5bn loss and help get rid of the excess inventory.

The company is planning to launch the device as early as June, according to the report but no word yet on pricing and what markets would receive the phone. And since none of this information has been confirmed by Samsung, consumers mourning the Note 7 may be better off waiting for the next sure thing.

Samsung is said to release the flagship S8 and S8 Plus later in March.