Sometimes you wonder why things work in other countries and in Nigeria, the opposite seems to be the case. Recall when the internet arrived the country, Nigerians embraced it. However, some people decided to use it for Yahoo Yahoo-which is an internet version of 419.

Now, Uber drivers in the typical Nigerian mindset or mentality are using a counterfeit or fake GPS app to inflate fares for riders in Lagos. Of course, many riders have suspected this but this is the first time that we are getting a concrete evidence or report on this.

Ridiculously, the drivers are justifying their actions which they say is a direct response to Uber cutting the prices of fares by 40% which was implemented in may.

The GPS app according to a report in Quartz is called Lockito. Some drivers use Lockito to inflate fares by adding 1000 naira to 2000 naira extra (roughly $3 to $6) but some drivers are believed to inflate fares to exorbitant levels.

An Uber driver named Williams who spoke to the Quartz said: “There are a lot of drivers on Lockito, every driver on Uber is on Lockito. The only ones that are different are the new drivers…and they’re still coming to us to teach them Lockito.”

An Uber Nigeria  Spokeswoman, Francesca Uriri said that they are aware of the abuse of Lockito by certain drivers. She added that it is in violation of Uber’s guidelines and the company is “constantly on the lookout for fraud by drivers and riders who are gaming our systems.”

Uber denies these allegations. “Uber has automated rules in place that warns and permanently deactivates any account or accounts associated with fraudulent activity,” Uriri says. “Uber encourages both riders and driver-partners to rate their journey at the end of the trip. Honest feedback helps ensure that everyone is accountable for their behaviour.”

Uber says all riders that report fraudulent activity will be refunded. But Uriri adds that the use of the Lockito will not impact Uber’s pricing policy.

Taxify, one of Uber’s biggest rivals in Nigeria, has been blocking drivers that try to use Lockito.

The fact remains that these taxi-hailing services need to do more to prevent or deal with any manipulation of their services. This will give riders confidence that they are paying the correct and appropriate fee for their fares.