Steward Bank recently introduced Kwenga, an innovative mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) solution that enables Steward Bank registered Merchants to receive card payments from customers. It is a first in Zimbabwe, and is designed for every type of business no matter how big or small it is, whether it is a vegetable stall, a supermarket or a kombi. Therefore, Kwenga is a solution for everyone. However, soon after product launch, there were some rumours circulating on social media ‘fake news’ and on some blog sites that the bank may have rushed on announcing the product to the market, yet was not available for purchasing.

A couple of days after its inception,  it appears many people are yet to be familiar with the Kwenga mPOS hence an outcry especially on social media in the last few days. However, Steward Bank firmly confirmed that Kwenga is up and running. Consumers have to register and fill application forms to kick-start their trade using the mPOS.

Who Qualifies To Get A Kwenga Device?

Kwenga is a solution designed for everyone and essentially any business can apply for the device including Flea Markets, Kombi/Bus/Taxi Owners, Delivery Services, Car Wash, Newspaper Vendors, Hair Salons and Barber Shops, Electricians, Vegetable Vendors And Airtime Vendors.

How Do I Get Access To Your Funds?

Merchants who are not Steward Bank customers:

Merchants will be able to transfer funds through RTGS to a selected bank account using the Steward Bank Merchant Portal 24 hours a day.  Normal RTGS charges apply.

Steward Bank Account Holders:

Merchant will be able to request for the automatic linking of mPOS accounts with their Steward Bank business accounts.

What Are The Requirements for Acquiring Kwenga?

Sole Traders

  • Duly signed out Merchant Application form
  • Proof of Residence of the business owner/Proof of address of the business premises
  • Copy of ID of the trader/Director.
  • Coloured passport size photo of the director/trader
  • Valid trading licence(s) e.g. Operators Licence and/ or Route Permits

Street Vendors

  • Duly signed out Merchant Application form
  • Copy of ID of the Trader
  • Coloured passport size photo of the Trader
  • Proof of residence or Police affidavit
  • Valid trading licence (where applicable)

Societies, Associations, Clubs Etc.

  • Duly signed out Merchant Application form
  • List of members of the executive committee
  • Certified copies of at least 2 executive committee membersí IDs.
  • Proof of residence of the committee members/proof  of physical address of the outlet


  • Duly signed out Merchant Application form
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Proof of Residence of the business owner/Proof of address of the business premises
  • Copy IDs of the business partners
  • Coloured Passport size photo of each partner
  • Valid trading licence.

Private Limited Companies

  • Duly signed out Merchant Application form
  • Certified copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certified copy of CR14
  • Coloured passport photo of the Directors.
  • Certified copies of at least 2 Directorsí National Identity Documents.
  • Proof of Residence of the directors or proof of physical address for business premises

For all forms of business, proof of residence can be:

  • A bank statement or utility bill that is not older than 3months
  • A valid trading license showing the business address
  • A copy of lease agreement for rented premises supported by landownersí ID or an affidavit with a Commissioner of Oaths or Police stamp
  • In rural areas where this may not always be available, a copy of ID of the landowner and a letter from the landowner confirming that they are operating from their premise
  • Kwenga accepts MasterCard, VISA, ZimSwitch, EcoCash and NFC Cards
  • The machines also accept EcoCash USSD payments and Mobile App payments
  • Can process cash back
  • Loan facilities availed to Merchants
  • Merchants have a dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Competitive Merchant Services Commission
  • Merchant Incentive Scheme and Promotions available for Merchants, Cashiers, Shoppers
  • Increased convenience especially with the current cash shortage

Kwenga Credit

Kwenga gives you an option to own your POS terminal through the Kwenga Device Credit Scheme, offered by Steward Bank.  This gives our Merchants the flexibility to pay as low as $3 per month for the Kwenga Card reader and $20 for the Kwenga miniPOS for a period of 12 months.