A report from the Wall Street Journal says we might see a curved screen on next year’s iPhone. With Apple testing more than ten different prototypes for the next iPhone. The report says Apple is asking parts suppliers to increase production of thinner OLED screens. Apple is also asking for prototypes screens with better resolutions than the ones Samsung uses.

There is pressure on Apple to release something snazzy next year to mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. Sources told the WSJ that there could be more than two models next year. And if one has the OLED screen, you can count on it to cost more than other models, because OLED screens are more expensive to produce.

Although, it’ll be wise not to expect curved screens on the next iPhone. Just because Apple is tinkering with that idea doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen. Curved screens isn’t something new to the smartphone world anyway. Phones like the LG G Flex phones have curved displays, Samsung Galaxy S Edge have screens that curves to the sides and a few others. Samsung has already taken the idea of curved displays a bit further with concepts of bendable displays, which makes you fold your phone like a wallet… now that is really impressive.

So, will 2017 be the year we see a curved screen iPhone? Well, there’s a chance it could hit the stores next year, if all this is anything to go by.