Following the success of its maiden YES boot camp in Lagos in 2017, HYBR, in partnership with THNK School of Creative Leadership is set to launch its second Young Enterprise ScaleUp (YES) bootcamp. The 2018 bootcamps are scheduled to take place in four cosmopolitan cities across Africa; Lagos, Nairobi, Johannesburg and Cape Town through the month of June 2018.

Research conducted by THNK and Deloitte has shown that “scale-up” is not the phase after “start-up”, but an essentially different type of start-up firm. This type of firm is designed to scale from the very start. The 2018 Young Enterprise Scale-Up (YES) Bootcamp will help 120 ventures design their businesses for scale through an intensive 2-day workshop curated with a world-class curriculum and excellent learning experience. Commenting about the 2017 Bootcamp, Founder of 360 Brains and Brawn – Mrs Ifeoma Okafor-Obi remarked “It is a totally different approach… if you are in business, no matter the stage it is at, you need to come here. It changes the way you approach your business. It enables you build your business in a way that is sustainable and survives you.”


Speaking on the Young Enterprise Scale Up (YES) program, the Chief Executive Officer, HYBR, Charles Ojei remarked, “In our bold pursuit to help create more scale-ups in Africa, we have designed YES Program in partnership with THNK School of Creative Leadership. Since June 2016, we have been piloting our services to ventures to validate what works and what does not work in our local environment”.

The study by THNK School of Creative Leadership and Deloitte further shows that only about 0.5% of startups scale: those that do are very different from the start. Designed to tackle this challenge, the YES Program is a five-year venture support and growth acceleration program to enable participating ventures to scale up. The two-day intensive boot camp supports thirty (30) ventures in each city by helping design their ventures for scale using practical tools and concepts taught by experts. Femke Bartels, the Global Managing Director of THNK School of Creative Leadership, says of the partnership with HYBR, “We are delighted to leverage our creative leadership curriculum– especially the venture design framework which is used by thousands of practitioners in over 50 countries– to empower Africa’s emerging business leaders to construct their ventures for scale.

Ojei further expressed gratitude to partners, advisors, mentors and supporters who have collaborated with us to achieve this mission since inception. He added, “We invite all ambitious SMEs and ventures to apply for the bootcamp, receive our free e-book on “scaling your business” amongst other exclusive benefits”. Application to the boot camp are open and close at midnight March 30th 2018. Successful Candidates will be informed by May 15, 2018.

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