Applications are on for the second series of the Young Enterprise ScaleUp (YES) bootcamp schedule to hold in four African cities this June.

The second edition is a  product of the partnership between the Nigerian business development firm HYBR and Netherlands-based leadership programme.

YES assists entrepreneurs in an SME or Start-up to improve their products, generate high demand and explode their sales, attract and retain good people to help them grow the business and also gives guidance to young businesses on proper structures and systems to run them plus how to also reduce cost.

According to Disrupt Africa, the initiative is underpinned by THNK research conducted alongside Deloitte, which suggests the 0.5 per cent of startups to successfully scale operate with this in mind from the start.

The series of two-day bootcamps will support a total of 120 scale-ups across Lagos, Nairobi, Johannesburg and Cape Town.

The free bootcamps aim to help early-stage entrepreneurs to design their businesses for scale by teaching practical skills, exploring tech industry trends, and hearing presentations from successful entrepreneurs.

According to Femke Bartels, the global managing director of THNK School of Creative Leadership , “We are delighted to leverage our creative leadership curriculum– especially the venture design framework which is used by thousands of practitioners in over 50 countries– to empower Africa’s emerging business leaders to construct their ventures for scale.

Also commenting on the initiative, Charles Ojei, chief executive officer (CEO) of HYBR said, “In our bold pursuit to help create more scale-ups in Africa, we have designed YES Programme in partnership with THNK School of Creative Leadership. Since June 2016, we have been piloting our services to ventures to validate what works and what does not work in our local environment.”

Deadline for application is March 30.

Interested entrepreneurs can apply here.