The plans by Elon Musk-Tesla and SpaceX CEO-to use technology to offer solutions to problems and at the same time make money are absolutely incredible and unusual. You think he is daydreaming.

He is building Electric cars, he has launched a venture to merge humans with computers, he also has plans to make people travel anywhere on earth under an hour and more recently, he decided that he will build a road network under Los Angeles. A city experiencing nightmarish traffic.

His plans to build a traffic dodging tunnel is actually coming to fruition as he has shared pictures of a tunnel being drilled under Los Angeles by one of The Boring Company-which he established in late 2016. The photos are yet another proof of making his daydreams a reality.

The Boring Company tunnel under LA

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Musk explained that the tunnel is currently 500 feet long and that in about a year, it will hopefully extend from Los Angeles International Airport to U.S. Route 101 along Interstate 405.

Musk’s Boring Company, first conceived while Musk himself was stuck in traffic, aims to alleviate those problems by taking vehicles off the road and sending them down a tunnel on high-speed electric skates. The skates are expected to travel at up to 150 mph.