What are the implications of sharing or not sharing public data with law enforcement agencies? A Facebook executive arrested in Brazil could probably answer this question. The Vice President of Facebook in Latin America; Diego Dzodan is presently facing the law for not complying with a court order enforcing Whatsapp to share data with the Police. Dzodan is accused of ignoring a judicial order in a secret investigation involving organized crime and drug trafficking.

According to ABC News reports, Diego Dzodan was escorted to a police station in connection with a case involving WhatsApp, which operates separately from Facebook.  Data sharing has become a major issue for most Tech companies. Apple is presently undergoing a battle with the FBI on data sharing. Whether it is right or not is still a debate. Users demand privacy while enforcement agencies require the same data for tracking of illicit activities relating to drug, human trafficking, slave trade and other reasons the public does not know about.

A Whatsapp spokeperson mentioned that  the company cannot provide information they do not have. In late 2015, Whatsapp was blocked for 2 days by the Brazilian authorities for not sharing data with the police.