Google has unveiled a new Google Doodle to usher in the Christmas Season.  This is day 1

This doodle shows paper craft characters with items such as stars, trees, candies, gifts and more, inspired by paper craft models and cut outs designed by artist Robinson Wood. Paper folding is an ancient art that dates back to the 15th century in Turkey.

The word ‘Google’ has been made with characters such as a cat for ‘G’ , owl for ‘O’ and so on.

When you mouse over the colourful doodle, you see the message ‘Tis the Season and clicking on it takes you to the search page for the same caption.

Today’s Doodle is visible from most of the world except Russia and areas of Central Asia and North Africa.

‘Tis the season! is an album of Christmas songs by Olivia Newton-John and Vince Gill.