With Donald Trump’s aggressive and boisterous use of Twitter and the refusal of the social media platform to take action, the president of America’s tweets did not make the top 9 retweeted tweets of 2017.

Since Trump is controversial, it should not surprise anyone that he is the most tweeted about elected world leader and top tweeted US Elected Officials.

Meanwhile, three tweets of Barrack Obama made the top 10. And the most retweeted tweet of 2017 was a man’s quest for free chicken nuggets which got 3.6m retweets.

Most liked tweets of 2017

Most Tweeted about elected world leaders

1. @RealDonaldTrump

2. @narendramodi

3. @NicolasMaduro

4. @RT_Erdogan

5. @EmmanuelMacron

6. @EPN

7. @mauriciomacri

8. @theresa_may

9.  @JuanManSantos

10. @jokowi