Ever had difficulties finding the meaning of certain Pidgin words, slangs or phrases?  Look no further; Peegin, a new site offers meanings and english translation of pidgin words. Peegin is a crowdsourced online dictionary of pidgin words and phrases which is similar to Urban dictionary.

At present the website features over 570 definitions, with more being added on an ongoing basis. What’s even more interesting about Peegin is, anyone can make a submission to the dictionary by signing up to the site.

Though we must add much like Urban Dictionary, submissions aren’t reviewed, which may be odd but does ensure a level of ownership on the submitters half, so anything goes.

Visitors to the site may like or dislike the definitions by an up or down vote system. So if a word gets more than one entry, readers can vote which definition is more accurate.

We did look up a few words on the site and the contributions are quite hilarious.

The English to Pidgin translation feature is rather interesting and I find it a great addition. For illustration purposes, search the word ‘Help’;

Peegin.com screenshot


Site creator, Austine Amah confirmed an Android and iOS app will be made available when the site has garnered more than two thousand definitions. This should have those app enthusiasts pumped.