The long struggling Canadian phone company, Blackberry, announced it will no longer make phones. Instead of building its own hardware, Blackberry said it’s gonna save money by relying on other companies to design, build and sell their devices but Blackberry already started backing away from building phones.

The most recent Blackberry phone—the DTEK50, it was actually made by Alcatel and it ran Android. It just had some Blackberry apps pre-installed on it. And before that was the Blackberry Priv, a high end Android phone with a slide out keyboard and some extra security features but that also failed to take off.

Long ago Blackberry was the king of phones for the mobile white-collar work force. In the early 2000s, its keyboard was what made people fall in love with the brand, to the point where fans called themselves crackberry addicts.

Overtime of course, it was dethroned by the iPhone and Googles’ Android phones. Just think back, two years after the iPhone came out, Blackberry made out one-fifth of the mobile phone market. Today, it’s a fraction of 1%, that’s according to Gartner.

As for now, Blackberry is not going away completely. The company said instead, it is going to put all of its focus on software.

There still could be some value in the Blackberry brand when it comes to security applications, such as ways for big businesses to manage emails.