Innovative Apple has reared its head again with the announcement of the watchOS 4 and the new Siri watch face . This major update to the Apple watch will bring in a number of new features and significant changes to key apps. Based on time and context, new Siri watch face bring updates of information that are most needed. Timewise, it might show your first calendar appointment and probably show you a dance show to take place later in the day. For ease of access, a Siri complication is displayed beside the time. The new watchOS 4 will also enable a two-way sync with equipment at your local gym. Another interesting feature about this latest update is how music is handled. The watch’s music app will automatically save music that is most listened to for purpose of offline listening. 

In highlights, the features of the new watch OS 4 inlcudes :

  • Siri Watch Face which displays most relevant info in dynamic form each time you raise your wrist.
  • Kaleidoscope which shifts and moves and creatures unique, custom designs based on the photo you choose to use.
  • Redesigned Music app
  • Native Core bluetooth
  • Activity features like high intensity interval training monitoring, new animations show smaller celebrations for everyday successes, playlist that automatically starts with your workout

watchOS 4 siri watchface

A developer preview of watchOS 4 has been released and will be available to all Apple Watches later this year. Another latest device released on Monday includes a new home hi-fi system for listening to its music streaming service; The homepod. This will rival Amazon and Google’s voice activated devices. The device features an upward facing woofer to provide deep bass and room sensing technology which will enable it to adapt its sound to wherever its placed. Another great features is the ability of the homepod device to talk to the company’s virtual assistant. More can be found at