This might sound funny but have you ever tried to pluralize the name of any Apple Product? Apple executive ; Phil Schiller has taken the pain to emphasize why we should never pluralize any of Apple devices in multiples. 3 iphones should be described as 3 iphone devices. This grammar tour from his tweets was in response to a Twitter stream discussing a podcast where the host noted the topic was ‘iPads Pro’.


When asked for further clarifications, He said ; “Words can be both singular and plural,” he explained, even if seems counterintuitve, “such as deer and clothes.” One deer, ten deer. One iPhone, ten iPhone (or ten iPhone phones).

Despite the lessons, the use of ‘iphones’ had been used in previous press releases by Apple as seen below

I think its much easier to just say : I just got 3 Macbooks for my office. Thanks to Phil Schiller though for the lessons.

Credit – Business Insider